Sergey Andriyashkin

Marketing and communications expert, change leader 
in fast-changing industries, companies, markets, and business environments 
operating in situations of uncertainty, turbulence, market transformation, and challenging environment. 
I help to make business changes happen.
Consultant, mentor.
Lecturer in British Higher School of Design.
Effie Jury Member

In what situations and tasks I can be helpful to you

  • Your market and company is in a state of change or transformation.
  • You are facing the challenge of rapid growth, scaling up, and transformation of business, 
  • You are about to enter new markets, customer segments or launch new products
  • Your marketing and communications functions are disproportionate to your new business objectives.
  • May be, it is your specific situation – let's talk about this.

In what role I may act

  • as an independent director of marketing and communications, sales and development
  • as an independent board member responsible for strategy, marketing, communications, and commerce issues
  • as an external expert
  • as a coach for top management and team
  • as a mentor for startups

What is my professional background?

  • 20+ years of successful experience in marketing and communications as well as business unit management, sales support, and product development in international and national companies, including 18+ years of leadership. 
  • As the marketing and communication leader or senior consultant, I worked with companies in industries such as telecom, fintech, retail tech, electronics, cloud solutions, messengers, social networks, marketplaces, etc. I also had a successful experience working with companies in the chemical, financial, automotive, and retail industries, HoReCa, professional services, education, etc. Among them are Tele2, 3M, Line, Sika, Nokia, Microsoft, Evotor, ATOL, Cloud, Egger, Citibank, JTI, NCOC, Panasonic, Remington, etc.
  • I did strategic and operational marketing, market and client segmentation, demand generation, branding and rebranding, product marketing, sales support and partners marketing, research of markets, trends, clients, brands, partners, employees, competitors, content marketing, event production, education of clients and partners, communications management, both external and internal, GR/IR support, digital marketing, team development, etc. I have a strong track record in managing external agencies, including branding, creative, media, digital, PR, BTL, events, and others. 
  • Winner of the Effie Russia Awards 2019 and 2020 with Evotor (in total 2 gold and 3 silver awards). TOP5 of CMOs in the IT Industry in 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 according to the Kommersant & Association of Managers of Russia.

How I operate

This way, I help the business solve the problem and create a lasting effect.

  • I immerse myself in context – market, business, customers, environment
  • I develop and discuss with business owners a strategic marketing vision and preliminary action plan
  • I build or rebuild the team in accordance with a vision, build basic processes, involve the team in the implementation of the change project, motivate and develop employees
  • Together with shareholders, executives, and the team, I implement the change project and adjust it according to the changing conditions
  • I build the infrastructure, find external contractors for specific tasks and integrate them into the team's work
  • Analyzing and discussing the results and offering recommendations on the next steps

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